About the project

The project “Smart in education, active in sports” will work with young people aged 14 to 19 who are in school and have a potential for major realization in life, based on knowledge and acquired competencies.

With the participation of partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Spain, organizations will be given the opportunity to develop and strengthen networks, increase their capacity to work transnationally, share and oppose ideas, practices and methods.

At the same time, the project will encourage the application of a comprehensive and innovative approach to teaching and learning through the use of new technologies and the inclusion of leaders or role models – some known athletes and teachers from schools.

Within the project, meetings with young people will be held, through which they will acquire knowledge, experience and skills for presentation and communication in a multicultural environment. They will be offered guidelines for lasting rules for success, through a healthy lifestyle based on daily physical training, good knowledge of geography, and communication skills in foreign languages.

The project idea aims at creating innovative intellectual products to find solutions and application in:

– Education – digital learning products to deepen knowledge of mathematics, geography and economics as well as learning a foreign language – English, through sports terminology and illustrate a more accessible learning process for young people around the world and to promote important life skills through sports.

– The motivation of young people, which can help them take more practical decisions and contribute to their future development in the future

– A web-based online platform, which will combine digital lessons, selected methodical physical exercises by sports professionals and developed a package for a healthy lifestyle, will support proper training, physical activity and healthy development in the future of young people.


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